ACCD seeking global partners to impact more

African Centre for Community and Development has always engaged youths and women in her agricultural activities that span from cassava farming to maize farming as well as agroforestry. The organization is now seeking sponsors and partners to establish a vocational training centre in diverse aspects of agriculture, livestock keeping, bamboo transformation, bee keeping, arts/crafts, fisheries etc in order to curb youth unemployment, food insecurity, hunger, gender gaps as well as unsustainable environmental practices or businesses in Cameroon and Sub-Saharan Africa. 

The initiatiative is sure to be very inclusive and practical in a region with one of the fastest/highest population growth rates/conflicts in the world. Also the organization has assets that with a bit of financing several businesses and activities can be conducted on the same land or building. It is hoping that her mission to add energy to the sustainable development goals of the United Nations will be supported by relevant stakeholders in order to end poverty, better the lives of women, girls and youths in the region. It is also seeing these windows as opportunities for impact investors to fuel start ups, incubator/accelerator programs, corporate social responsibility or ESG in Cameroon and Africa. The organization also has written micro/macro projects and schemes that interested stakeholders can easily act on as they are based on research and sound local situational intelligence..

According to the Director at African Centre for Community and Development Ivo Arrey Mbongaya "effective human development resides in participatory human cooperation as well as movements from ideation to sustainable practical actions for change".

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