Youth Dialogue Meeting Misinformation and the Misuse of Social media







The misuse of Social media in my Country is a rampage. Out of 100% of Schools going pupils in my community 80% are using smart Phone and they are actively connected to Social Media (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Linked-in, Snap-Chat etc.   And it has a negative impact on our students today. Most of our Students are spending more time on Social Media instead of their books and that has to lead to massive failures in public examinations (WASSCE&BECE). And also youth are misusing the social media through by downloading of pornographic videos on their phones and they share messages immediately received instead of Reading the information to know whether the messages are important to share.  During our just concluded General Elections in Sierra Leone March 7th and March 31st run-off respectively.

 We need more than that. We need our political leaders to commit to running clean campaigns where dirty tricks such as the circulation of disinformation are not tolerated. We need them to publicly state that it is an unfair and unacceptable practice. We also need our legal sector to highlight that in many circumstances, the spreading of lies about individuals can be grounds for a libel suit. We need administrators of WhatsApp groups to take steps to remove known culprits within their groups. We need the campaign to teach social media users on how to use it responsibly.


My main objective of this event is to raise a massive awareness and to educate the public about the Use of Social Media. And from now to 2030 we may want to see more youth tapping into the opportunities on the internet (Travel Scholarships, Conferences, website developers, software developers, Training, and online courses).

 Which they will gain more experience and they can give back to Society upon their return to their Home Countries.

And we also want to reduce the massive failures of student in Public examinations by educating them not to spend more time on Social Media using WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat etc, but to spend more time on the net searching for more related notes, Opportunities, and to also spend more time studying their School notes.


An Insight Media and Communications survey conducted last year found that 83% of respondents used it for business purposes.

We also want to see more business people using Social media to market their businesses.  






RADIO DISCUSSIONS: I was engaged in all the radio stations in within the City of Kenema to talk about MISINFORMATION AND THE MISUSES OF SOCIAL MEDIA. The radio talk shows help to spread out the message to the people especially to the active radio listeners. They help us to spread the information to non-radio listeners.

 ROLL OUT: We organized a roll-out session at the Government Secondary School Kenema. To share our YALI experience with other Yong emerging Leaders who are interested to know much about YALI and to guide them on how to become a successful Applicant. At the end of this rollout, we were able to have somebody that attended to the rollout to attend the ongoing Cohort 13 onsite training in Ghana.

SCHOOL - SCHOOL OUTREACH:  We identified Schools that are having access to the WI-FI network pole to educate them about the advantages and the disadvantages of the WI-FI network they are having access to.

SYMPOSIUM: We finally end up my community service with a Youth Dialogue meeting on the topic “MISINFORMATION AND THE MISUSE OF THE SOCIAL MEDIA” on the 1ST March 2019 at the Eastern Polytechnic College, Kabbah Hall Kenema Sierra Leone. We were having different guest speakers present for this Dialogue meeting on the following subtopics!


  1. The effect of Misinformation to Society – Mr Abdul Swaray-Civil Society Kenema District
  2. The importance of Social media to student- Mr Steven Goba – Head of Department ICT Eastern Polytechnic College Kenema.
  3. The role of Young People in Peacebuilding- Youth Ambassador Swillho Mahatma Kanneh- Executive Director Ambassadors of Development Sierra Leone
  4. Sharing of opportunities on the internet- Samuel Swaray- YALI Alumni- Cohort 12
  5. Sharing of YALI Experience- Ibrahim Momoh – YALI Alumni Cohort -09