This two days summit gathers over 250  participants from diverse youth institutions around Liberia under the Theme:prioritizing Youth participation in the SDG- and creating the Liberia we want"YOUTH IN TECHNOLOGY AND ARTS NETWORK (YOTAN) who is the lead organizer, is an independent innovative youth-driven Growth, a non-governmental organization equipping young people to become social innovators, using technology as a tool for development and increasing local influence in decision-making processes through social innovation, civic engagement, advocacy and social accountability; and research to identify locally-driven innovative solutions to reduce poverty.

Speaking at the opening session of the Summit at the ministerial complex oldest Congo town Monrovia Liberia on Dec 26-27th AD 2019.
The Executive director of the youth in Technology and Act Network (YOTAN)Mr Donnish Mulbah pewee welcomed participants to the summit and urged them to participate holdheartly, according to him the reason of his institutions taking such a bore step into this venture is because the entire SDG Goals is the footprint for National, regional and global development and sustainability so therefore the relevance of ensuring that all young men and women of Liberia actively participate in the achievement of SDG Goals that was adopted 2015 by the United nations General assembly Assembly.

 As keynote speaker of day one. The Assistant Representative and head of program at the National population fund UNFPA Dr Philderald Ernest Pratt said it is time for all youth to engage in achieving the SDG with specific focus on Goal#3,4,And 5.thing he said is key to human and society development. According to him when our country Liberia  standup to achieve such goals mentioned, we will have a smooth understanding and direction to achieving the rest at of the 17th SDG Goals ahead of 2030 agenda set by the United nations General assembly. Also speaking at the occasion, the Asst minister of finance and development planning Hon Benedict kolubah who have an intensive interaction with the participants on  the SDG Goals with emphasis on the government role in achieving it.
According to him the government of Liberia is on course with the SDG Goals. He also noted that the National framework that was developed by the Coalition of democratic change led government under the leadership of his exellenceny Dr George manneh Weah,president of the republic of Liberia was in close consultation with the universal goals that was signed by all United nations member states which Liberia is of no exception. Meanwhile he assured Yotan and all well meanings youth institution's the government of Liberia support to enhance their capacities in achieving the various SDG Goals as well.

 Also gracing the occasion were federation of Liberian youths president( FLy)Hon Amos C. Williams Who spoke on the importance  of youth in steering the sustainable development goals, and Mrs Patricia N.Dumber,Technical Assistant for Research policy and planning at the ministry of gender who emphasised on the ministry of Gender,children and social protection role in achieving the SDG.Meanwhile Mr Williams also used the opportunity to encouraged Liberian youths to take advantage of technology something he said is key in fostering the SDG Globally.

The LSDG Summit was sponsored by Orange Liberia as a mean of paying back to society as part of their social cooperate responsibility. While clamaxing This LSDG Summit on the last day,the participants was very happy and expressed gratitude to ORANGE Liberia and the Lead convener YOTAN For the Sponsorship. 
Some participants said  they will like for the summit to continue in the entire part of liberia, because it helps  to create awareness on SDG and to moster their courage in leading change in their various communities.
According To Partipant Alieu v sheriff Jr who left margibi county to attend the LSDG Summit said it was a great opportunity to found part of the Summit that give him sufficient understanding on the SDG and the ways he can contribute as youth to its accomplishment mainly Goal #4,That talk about Affordable,equitable, and quality Education. According to Mr Sheriff when he get back in margibi he will ensure that the message he leaned from the summit be share.