IDAD Nurtures Students on Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights

IDAD Nurtures Students on Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights:

The Institute for Democratic Action and Development, (IDAD) is rolling out its Sexual Reproductive Health Education in Monrovia intended to sharpen and deepen the knowledge of high school students relative to the best practices that boost a ‘healthy life’.

IDAD is a pro-democratic institution that focuses on governance, democracy, justice, Accountability, Transparency, and health issues in Liberia.

IDAD’s Health Program is targeting over five hundred students from different high schools in Monrovia between the ages of 18 to 25. The three high schools in central Monrovia that have been earmarked to benefit from this unique capacity package include J.J Ross Memorial, Christian High and St. Theresa Convent High Schools.

The training is being conducted separately on these campuses with stronger concentration on health safeguards and preventive practices aimed at avoiding harmful diseases and HIV.

The program is tailored on the theme; “Inspiring Healthy Lives.” The program has commenced already with J.J Ross Memorial and the St. Theresa Convent High Schools have being the first institution to benefit from such educational opportunity.

On Friday, March 6, 2020, IDAD hosted over hundred students separately at J.J Ross and the St. Theresa Convent high Schools who received various lectures on HIV and AIDs prevention, abstinence, negotiations, approaches to avoid sexual transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.

 IDAD’s Facilitators had direct classroom interactions with the students, engaging their views about the effects of the spread of these diseases, and how they are rapidly diminishing the young people thereby creating a bleak future for them. The facilitators were able to strengthen the resilience of these high school students on the need to remain on the right sexual path that will foster healthy sexual lives.

Mr. James S. R. Doe, Program Officer of IDAD presented on the prevention mechanisms of HIV and AIDs, and Sexual Transmitted Diseases. Mr. Doe mentioned that young people are severely affected by the human killer virus and stressed the need for them to adapt the precautionary health measures that salvage the spread of these sicknesses.

He indicated that many youths in the country engage into reckless sexual activities thereby increasing the prevalent rate of HIV and AIDs. For his part, the Executive Director of IDAD, Mr. Joseph Cheayan provided lectures on abstinence and negotiations.

Mr. Cheayan cautioned the students against unhealthy sexual behaviors that pose huge risk to their survivability. He stressed that abstinence from sex is one of the surest ways to stop the spread of the looming HIV and AIDs and some other diseases in Liberia.

The Executive Director of the Pro-democratic institution encouraged the students to always stay healthy and desist from those ugly sexual habits that are increasing the spread of the virus.

Some of the students were very opened about their sex lives and mentioned that the education received will guide them along the way.