Democracy & Accountability Forum

IDAD Dissects Democratic and Accountability Pitfalls. As Panelists Prescribed Educational Therapy

The Institute for Democratic Action and Development, IDAD, has held its Democracy and Accountability Forum, on Friday, July 10, 2020, at the ICAMPUS, located upper Carey Street in Monrovia. The Gathering immensely dissected the pitfalls that underpin the growth of democracy and accountability in the country.

The Forum was meant to critically analyze, evaluate, assess, and scrutinize the effects of bad political decisions, the integrity of those who seek power, Voter’s Behavior, Accountability, Transparency, Power and its transfer in key decisions making and to provide the empirical panaceas that will shift the paradigm of democratization and political decisions in Liberia.

The Forum further examined the effects and lack of education as a serious constraint to the strength of any democracy in the country.

The gathering brought together Political, Economic, and Integrity Experts that prescribed Liberia’s malfunctioning democratic system to the huge lack of education in the country.

The Panelists collectively identified the lack of education as a concrete defect to the smooth performance of the country’s democracy.

Over 30 Youth and Student Leaders participated in the day-long forum. These youth and students leaders were taught about the best approaches and practices that are needed to transform the quality of decisions that are made during political processes.

The Lead Panelist of the Forum Rev. Luther Tarpeh, a Political Scientist, presented on the topic Multi-Party Democracy and Political Change: Constraints to democratization in Liberia.

Rev. Tarpeh intoned that the lack of education and huge loss of interest in political ideas are greatly undermining the quality of decisions that are made by the majority.

The Political Scientist mentioned that remnants that underpinned the collapse of the True Whig Party have resurfaced in the Liberian Body Politics.

The Liberian Statesman indicated that no democracy works without education, and if the country does not prioritize education, the future remains elusive.

He mentioned that tribalism and sectionalism have taken new shapes in party’s politics in the country, thus impeding the strength of democracy in the country.

Rev. Tarpeh averred that the country needs like-mindedness in the process of key decision making.

The Political Scientist noted that the country needs to go beyond sectionalism, divisive politics and shift a new political paradigm that will transform the Liberian society.

For his part, Mr. Vallai Dorley, a Public Sector Economist identified the lack of education, technical skills, and economic buoyancy as serious factors breeding the poor decisions that are made by the young people.

Mr. Dorley spoke on the topic Removing Barriers to Youth Political Participation in Liberia, Drawbacks, Challenges, and Prospects. He presented a Paper that focused on removing barriers to Youth Political Participation in Liberia, drawbacks, challenges and prospects. According to him, there are significant barriers to youth’s political participation. He stated that if the negative trend of political weariness among young people are allowed to flourish, the results could be devastating.

Also presenting during the Democracy and Accountability Forum, the National Coordinator of Liberia CSOs Anti-Corruption Coalition, Mr. James Koryor mentioned that the young people need to adapt the necessary attitudes that will discourage the self-politicians from using them.

According to him, consolidating democratic gains is critical to Liberia's peace building and economic recovery.  He also stated that there are two types of corruption which included grand and petty corruption.

The Integrity Advocate said that grand corruption is a high form of corruption that benefits the few at the expense of the majority, which greatly affects the transformational efforts of any society with Liberia being no exemption. Additionally, he stated that petty corruption is that which is done at a large scale level. He spoke on the Topic Corruption and Democratic Consolidation.

Liberia's Anti-Corruption and Accountability Advocate, Mr. Lawrence W. Yealue, who is also the Country Representative of Accountability Lab, in Liberia, presented a paper at IDAD's Democracy & Accountability Forum.