Safe-Child Advocacy Reviews her Vision & Mission Statements

In the light of her new name, Safe-Child Advocacy (formerly Street Children Project) has  reviewed her Vision and Mission Statements. This all important excercise was carried out with all staff and a representative group of beneficiaries of the organization. The decision to review our Vision and Mission Statements was to reflect the current scope of our services as noted in our circular letter on the name change. Besides, after 15 years in existence, management and staff continue to reflect on our aspirations (vision) for our target group and the 'how' and 'what' to do to get there (interventions).

This milestone was achieved after months of serious reflections by management and staff and series of engagements with our beneficiaries. This excercise has positioned beneficiaries, management and staff of the organization in a deeper ownership of our Vision and Mission.

With this level of engagement in reviewing our Vision and Mission (the two pillars that guide organizational performance), we  are quite confident that every staff member would write these statements in the heart such that they become guiding lights in our day to day service delivery/interactions with the people we serve.

An important element of the current Vision and Mission statements is the recognition of the children we serve as right holders and in their strength to change the courses of their lives.

Kindly access our New Vision and Mission Statements here

Just in case the above does not serve, you may access the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LVq3yvfg8QkTF3bXq5Zw2KfnA66wtB2e/view?usp=sharing


Sr. Olivia Umoh