Combating COVID-19, in Ghana using socio-pedagogical methods; Educational Campaign through Children's Art

"Pedagogy is not about training, it is about critically educating people to be self-reflective, capable of critically address their relationship with others and with the larger world"

On the 1st of December at exactly 9:30 am, over 12 Teaching Assistants from the Department of Educational Innovations in Science and Technology at Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science and Technology (KNUST), led by two of their Professors, collaborated with Safe-Child Advocacy to add a reality-definition to the study of Pedagogy ( An approach to teaching, which is the theory and practice of learning, and how this process influences, and is influenced by, the social, political and psychological development of learners)

The moderator from Safe Child Advocacy, Mr. Akwasi Prempeh seized the chance to sensitize 30 young head-potter girls between the age range of 6 years and 20 years on the novel COVID-19. The targetted group, considering their educational background which ranged from girls who have had no formal education at all to girls who had completed Junior High School, they were taken through the practice of creative writings and drawings on white sheets using pencils, colors, and clay to explain their feelings based on the theme ”Combating COVID-19, in Ghana using socio-pedagogical methods; Educational Campaign through Children's Art” under six guidelines worthy the mentioning,

a. How they feel to be part of the activity.
b. What is on their mind?
c. How do they consider the impact of COVID-19 in their lives?.
d.  How they feel about the Corona Virus.
e. How people get infected.
f.How people can protect themselves against the virus For an instant, most of the girls who could not write, however, represented their perspective views with colored pictures of two people shaking hands to represent an action that can lead to one's COVID-19 contraction. This got everyone involved and very interactive.

The workout ended on a note where diverse pictures which are relative to reality and personal point of views were presented in a very detailed manner. For SCA, it was a memorable activity that introduced the field workers and the entire social staff of the advocate to a different angle of developing self-reflective and opinion sharing as well as with the targetted set of people (the young girls) who were present.