Introduction of the extended phase of GSAM project to key district stakeholders

CEDEP has introduced the extended phase of the Ghana's Strengthening Accountability Mechanisms - GSAM project to key district officials at the Bosomtwe and Sekyere East District Assemblies (DAs). Present at the meetings were the District Coordinating Directors (DCDs), Planning Officers, Heads of Works, Reps from Health, Education, Environmental Health, Social Welfare and Community Development. The key issues discussed at the meetings included the following:

1. The main focus of the extended phase which is to empower citizens to demand for quality service delivery

2. Collaborating with the DA to ensure effective citizens participation in the MTDP preparation process

3. Selection of communities for the Community Action Planning process for the MTDP preparation.

The DAs reiterated their unflinching support to the project in the next phase and also agreed to share vital information with the project team to ensure the smooth implementation of the project. The extended phase ends in September 2022.

GSAM is a USAID - US Agency for International Development funded project which seeks to strengthen citizens' oversight of capital projects to improve local government transparency, accountability and performance. The project since 2014 has been led by CARE OXFAM and ISODEC. CEDEP is leading the implementation of field activities in Bosomtwe District and Sekyere East District in Ashanti.