Re-Opening of Schools Amid COVID-19 Pandemic!

We recognize the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic brings to the world especially our various stakeholders. The safety and health of our children and staff remain our top priority and we are sure most of us are aware of the announcement made by the government regarding school reopening from creche to the tertiary level.

To that effect, Management sat down to analyze the safety and precautionary measures put in place by the government for schools in Ghana and came up with a conclusion that, staff being backed by management would be able to follow and abide by the measures instructed by the government.

On that note, St. Vincent de Paul Day Care Center (an offshoot of Safe-Child Advocacy, Catholic Archdiocese of Kumasi) would be re-opened on Monday 18th of January, 2021. We are putting in place all precautionary measures to avoid the contraction and spread of the virus.

We know there is a mix of emotions from both children, parents, and staff as children return to school. It is always difficult for children returning after long vacation not to talk of the closure of schools by the government for an academic year. We know it is very challenging times and the work would be triple if not more. Nonetheless, we know we have loving and understanding care givers who would translate these emotions to a positive, and soon both children and parents will be excited they are back to school. Welcome back our dear princes and princesses. We have missed you around for quite a while.

Admission is open for children from 1 to 5 years of age. Parents can contact us via these numbers or you can come to our various Centre for more clarifications. Phone contacts: 026 512 4466 or 024 488 1844 or057 548 5721

Sr. Olivia Umoh,