Institute for Peace and Development

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Organization Acronym *: IPDAfrica

Year of Registration *: 2015

Year of Commencement of Operations *: 2015

Contact Information

  • Postal Address *: P O Box TL 1799, Tamale
  • Office Location: A55 Gumani Rice CityTamale-Bolgatanga RoadSanerigu DistrictDigital Address Code: NS-151-6987
  • Region *: Northern
  • Country *: Ghana
  • City *: Tamale
  • Telephone *: +233 (0) 372023571
  • Fax : +233 (0) 372023888
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  • Website *:


  • Vision *: Pax Potest; Mutatio Potest. Peace is Possible; Change is Possible. It takes people to make war; it also takes people to make peace. Development is of people, by people, and for people; it’s all about people, not things. With the right conditions, spaces, and processes, the passions of war turn into desires for peace; and the stumbling blocks to human progress turn into stepping stones of transformative, genuine, sustainable, and inclusive development. We work to build flourishing and peaceful communities that cherish and harness diversity, act justly and inclusively, and promote the goodness and dignity of all.
  • Mission *: Be the seminary for people and ideas that transform conflicts, build cultures of peace, promote social cohesion, and create opportunities for authentic human development.
  • Thematic Areas *:
  • Target Group:
  • Key Objectives *: We strive to create conditions for anger to calm down, hatred to dissipate, and collaborative development to flourish. Hence, we work with communities and development actors to generate and disseminate evidence-based useable knowledge and skills, and to promote attitudes and values that mainstream peace as the fulcrum for promoting holistic, inclusive, and sustainable development.
  • Core Competencies *:
  • Government Engagement:

More Information

  • Major or Current Achievements *: Research and evaluations in Liberia, Nigeria, Uganda, Malawi and Peru.
  • Functional Board *:
  • Number of Board Members *: 7
  • List Expertise of Board Members *: 1. Peace and Security 2.Human Rights 3.Civic Engagement 4.Governance 5.International Development and Planning Management 6.Research 7. Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Organisational Strategic Plan *:
  • Head of Organisation *: Hippolyt A.S. Pul
  • Name of Contact Person *: Dr. Hippolyt A.S. Pul
  • Position of Contact Person *: Executive Director
  • Number of Staff *: 4
  • Number of Males *: 3
  • Number of Females *: 1