YDC-SL facilitates the strengthening of CSOs in Sierra Leone in local fundraising

Starting October 2019, Youth Dream Center Sierra Leone started a journey together with 8 other civil socity organisations in Sierra Leone - a fundraising journey! In partnership with two Danish NGOs (Dreamtown and FANT DK), the overall objective of the project is to strengthen the capacity of local civil society organisations operating in Sierra Leone to become strong and independent development actors, capable of creating long-lasting changes for their target groups. Civil Society Organisations in Sierra Leone play an important role in the provision of services in areas where the public sector is insufficiently taking care of the needs of the public. We want to become more representative, more responsive, transparent, and accountable to our constituents.

For CSOs in Sierra Leone to be sustainable, we need the support of every Sierra Leonean in the country, as well as the diaspora, to give their support to Youth Dream Center Sierra Leone to continue to build the capacity of the other CSOs and marginalised groups youth, women, and children to acquire livelihood skills.

Constantly chasing projects makes the organisations financially vulnerable. With limited personnel and competencies, fundraising is an immense task alongside implementing and providing the actual change making activities and services of local Civil Society Organisations in Sierra Leone. The local fundraising is geared towards increasing the financial resilience of local organisations and secure their existence and the sustainability of their interventions in Sierra Leone.

The training is being facilitated by the West Africa Civil Society Institute to teach techniques and skills that will improve local Civil Society Organisations' fundraising competency to help them create a sustainable financial income and decrease local CSOs vulnerability in periods without funding from traditional donor i.e international donors.

Dreamtown Denmark and Football for a New Tomorrow Denmark (FANT DK), are the partners coordinating the project from Denmark, while Youth Dream Centre Sierra Leone and Football for a New Tomorrow (FANT-SL) are coordinating the implementation of the project in Sierra Leone. Among the other beneficiaries of the project are Young Men Christian Association (YMCA), Flying Stars Amputees, Masanga Hospital Rehabilitation Programme (MHRP), and Engineers Without Borders Sierra Leone (EWB-SL).

Let’s change the game! And move from external dependency on donor support to increase internal support for social impact.

Your support to local organisations will improve their performance in creating a larger impact for the most vulnerable in Sierra Leone. For Youth Dream Center, this means improving our educational services and reaching more marginalised youth and community based organisations through continued capacity building of our staff and volunteers. Your support can help increase the human capital in our organisation, and will boost productivity of our efforts to engage in private sector activities. In addition, it will contribute to the reduction of human poverty in the country, as people who take part in our education and training programmes move on to become self-employed and employable.