Creating Safe Public Space for Youth Wellbeing in Sierra Leone


  • Research: To develop an increased understanding of the key issues affecting youth wellbeing in urban areas in Sierra Leone.
  • Dream collection: To create a platform and space where young people can participate in deciding how their community should look like.
  • Space development: To strengthen the capacity of youth-led community-based organisations to plan and implement urban community space projects.
  • Advocacy: To make local government prioritise youth participation and conducive public space in the local community development plans.

How public space intervention can improve the wellbeing of youth in slums:

  • Therapeutic benefits of quiet time spent in the community centre or long bench
  • A platform to display cultures and identities
  • Learn awareness of diversity
  • Opportunities for young and old to meet, play and hang out
  • Create local attachment, result in a sense of healthy community
  • Distinct resource for young people to socialise with each other
  • Function as a social glue
  • Differences between lifestyles and behaviour are tolerated and co-exist
  • Attachment of people to their locality
  • Provide opportunities for mixing with others
  • The catalyst for social interaction, social mixing and social inclusion among young people and decision makers-opportunities for young people to participate in decision-making processes on matters affecting their lives in the community
  • Enhance the development of community ties
  • Provide opportunities for reflection or chance to escape from domestic pressures
  • Provide opportunities to meet with people you have not met for a while
  • Facilitate the exchange of ideas, friendships, goods and life skills
  • Contribute to gender equality
  • Community cohesion