Cascading Local Fundraising training to YDC-SL Staff and Volunteers

A Local Fundraising Training was held for YDC-SL staff and volunteers from Makeni, Kono, and Freetown in Sierra Leone to strengthen their capacity in mobilizing resources locally at the district level for financial sustainability of the organisation. This training was intended to create long-lasting changes for our target groups in the three districts. The training was attended by 15 participants (4 females and 11 males), with representatives from each of YDC-SL three locations. The training was geared toward cascading knowledge and skills received from the five days training facilitated by WACSI in November 2019. The outcome of the training is intended to assist every unit to develop a tailored made district fundraising plan that will be consolidated into one plan.  According to the plan, each district will have a team responsible for fundraising and a national team with the representative from each unit.

Training Venue: YDC-SL Head Office 12 Josiah Drive Regent Rd Lumley Freetown

Date: 4th February 2020