Building Strength, Confidence, and Community

MOHCAM, yesterday the 19th of February started a three days Skill Empowerment workshop with IDPs in Bafoussam. The workshop is taking place at Mbatkam Hotel where these IDPs will be equipped with livelihood skills in beads production, Ankara Designing, and Hair oil production.

As a continuation of her peace project on strengthening women and youth participation in building peaceful and resilient communities, this part of the project aims at identifying the needs of women and girls victims of the crisis.

Creating safe spaces and shaping the world of women and girls victims of  40 IDP's (women and girls) in Bafoussam. They were empowered on how to combat the scourge of conflict with strategies of trauma healing and awareness, psychosocial support while embodying resilience and reigniting creativity to pave the way for social transformation and cohesion.

 This second phase of the activities aimed at enhancing the Livelihood and psychosocial support of women and girls victims of the North West and southwest regions in order to boost their full participation as agents of peace.