In continuation of its radio analysis and advocacy program, primarily focused on the novel COVID-19 Pandemic and its implications on various government policies, the African Heritage Institution has made a strong case for targeted proactive action by those in authority across all levels of leadership in the Nigerian society.  Speaking on a popular radio audience-participatory program – Urban Parliament, on Urban 94.5 FM, Enugu, the Executive Director of AfriHeritage, Professor Ufo Okeke-Uzodike, said it is important that those in public governance and other leadership positions strategically plan for such eventualities and anticipate the worse in order to effectively deal with social challenges. Discussing the topic: ‘COVID-19: Emerging Socio-economic Realities’, Professor Okeke-Uzodike emphasized that dealing with national challenges like the type posed by the COVID-19 pandemic demands that elected and appointed leaders including at the states’ and local government levels must collaborate and work together in order to meaningfully deal with the challenge. He decried the fact that lockdown has been seen as the only way to fight the spread of coronavirus disease. He believes those in leadership should think outside the box and come up with ways to deal with the issue and at the same time mitigate the fragile economy. He observed that after the continued lockdown of the country and states, dealing with the attendant economic consequence will certainly pose a great challenge to both the government and the citizenry in the face of low oil price and other global economic realities.

Speaking also as a studio guests on the topic: Leadership Challenges in the Management of COVID -19 in Nigeria: The Issues, on the program: Political Voices, on Dream 92.5 FM, Enugu, he lamented the fact that leadership has always been a great challenge in Nigeria, which includes the processes of choosing leaders at different levels of leadership in our society.