Press Statement by the Institute for Democratic Action & Development on the Launch of The Corona Virus Mobile App and Taskforce

Press Statement by the Institute for Democratic Action and Development on Launch of The Corona Virus Apps and Taskforce 

 The Executive Director, Officials of Institute for Democratic Action and Development, Fellow Liberians,

Members of the Fourth Estate, Ladies& Gentlemen

The Institute for Democratic Action and Development, (IDAD) on Today, Thursday, May 7, 2020, launches a mobile App that will be used to curb the spread of Corona Virus in within Montserrado and Margibi Counties.

 This mobile App is a health resilient tool that will monitor, track, and document cases of the virus for prompt medical solution.

 The mobile App is technologically built to report cases of the virus in a well-organized digital system that gathers bio and physical information of Corona Virus Suspected Cases.

IDAD’s Corona Virus Taskforce will work effectively with the various medical centers in Montserrado and Margibi aimed at reporting cases for urgent medical attention. The Taskforce will work with the health team of Ministry of Health and the National Public Health Institute to provide effective health response mechanisms.

Fellow Liberians, IDAD’s Corona Virus Task force will provide routine update that will curb the spread of the human killer virus in the Country.

The Corona Virus Response Taskforce is clothed with the authority to help in reporting cases of Corona Virus, conduct contact tracing of suspects of the virus, report these cases to the Ministry of Health, and the National Public Health Institute for prompt health response to these processes, and carry out surveillance activities in under privileged communities within Montserrado and Margibi Counties through the usage of the mobile app.

 This project primary focuses on addressing the resilient health and sanitary needs of women, young girls, youths and Adults who are greatly affected by such dreadful disease.

The Taskforce will robustly work to ensuring that women, who are hugely affected and are sadly being placed in quarantine receive the urgent health response to harshly mitigate sanitary pads need.

Members of the fourth estate, IDAD’s trained Taskforce will engage into a series of careful technological and digital reporting systems by effectively tracking and efficiently reporting these cases to health authorities in Liberia by using stronger and reliable mobile apps aimed at allowing the Ministry of Health and the National Public Health Institute provide the remedial solutions that will flatten the spread of the virus among women within Montserrado and Margibi Counties.

 IDAD strongly believes that despite huge and frantic efforts being applied to tackle this human killer virus, the future of women, adults and Liberia remain bleak and uncertain.

Fellow Liberians, IDAD holds the view that too much resources from National Government, and International Partners, including the World Health Organization, World Bank, IMF e. t. c have been provided to curb the spread of the Corona Virus Disease in Liberia, but much still needs to be done in order to salvage this human killer Virus that dictates the pace of lives in Liberia.

 IDAD feels very strongly that women are more vulnerable and defenseless against the human killer virus in the country.

 IDAD believes that embarking on a mobile App tracking system will seriously protect citizens from such outbreak. IDAD holds the view that it cannot sit quietly without doing anything to watch the human killer dissipate the population of Liberia including women.  IDAD’s Corona Virus Taskforce is well-placed, and highly sensitive to reporting cases of the virus given the fact that almost the entire members of the Taskforce are versed and nurtured in health preventive protocols, and are determined to go all out in these communities to timely report cases of the virus.

 IDAD’s Corona Virus Taskforce is being meticulously guided by its Senior Program Manager, Madam Fatta K. Johnson, supported by Madam Comfort Doelia, Health and Gender Officer, and supervised by the Executive Director-Mr. Joseph Cheayan of the Institute for Democratic Action and Development, and its Senior Communications and Advocacy Consultant, Mr. Christopher K. Seeton, Sr. It is also supported by the IT Manager who manages the Mobile App, Mr. Gargar Johnson.  IDAD intends to lead rigorous, robust, empirical, meticulous research approaches, contact tracing, surveillance, and observational activities in poor and densely populated communities in Montserrado County.

Finally, the findings of these activities will help prepare the country’s Corona Virus Response Initiative. IDAD will provide sanitary pads, buckets, tar soaps chlorines, chloral, hand sanitizers, toothpastes, and Corona Virus Health Preventive Materials to women, youths and adults in these less privileged communities. IDAD will work with the Ministry of Health, the National Public Health Institute and some international health partners in Liberia in combating the deadly Corona Virus Disease in the Country. IDAD is grateful and appreciate all partners including Individuals, Corporate Institutions and INGOs for the support to this great initiative.

Thank You……………………….