My heart and thoughts go to the hundreds of children below the age of 18 who have found themselves out of comfort, good life and are on the streets of Kumasi, Accra, and other cities. Such children no matter how fragile and frail they are, are their own parents and guidance in the colds at night and are made to struggle with our cruel society to survive. My first thoughts before I step out from HOME, even as an adult is, What will I wear? Where will I stay if it's raining or gets dark while I am outside? What about if I will be facing danger, where will I hide?

For the vulnerable child living on the street, with no food, shelter nor clothes, partly with no life, these are not questions but the daily war they fight, the daily reality they are subjected to. More like the story of the survivor of the fittest.
It is said that homeless and “Naked” young children on the streets do not need to be sympathized with but to be helped.

This is where is curtain is drawn, every minute a child is not roofed nor clothed, he or she becomes susceptible to danger, abuses, assaults, and even death finds a way to get in. Once a child is found naked (without clothes) on the streets, made to live under the hardships even adults cannot bear, it is like one of the touches lightning our country's future has been put of.

I deem it a great service to humanity to extend a helping hand to the very child I see on the street always. Our very existence as humans depend on others; our children, young brothers, and sisters most importantly. You and I can provide our help in pieces and together we can build shelter, clothe the homeless and provide a strong voice that seeks to demand essential services for children living in street situations.






Adamfo Ghana

Consortium for Street Children

West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI)


Habitat for Humanity