International day for street children 2021 report

International Day for Street Children was inaugurated by the Consortium for Street Children, UK in 2014 and celebrated on the 12th of April every year to create awareness on the plight of vulnerable children in street situations, and the need to speak up for their rights so they are not ignored. These children in one way or the other are on the streets through no fault of theirs but have been tagged as criminals, prostitutes among others which demoralize these children and make them feel neglected, unloved, and not part of the world. The global pandemic limited the activities in creating awareness notwithstanding the celebration was successful.  Various activities that took place to mark this year’s celebration included awareness campaigns, outreach to schools, and donation to various schools as a way of proving the need for essential services for these children including access to better and quality educational facilities.

You can access the full report via the link below: