Missahoe Children'S Home

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Organization Acronym *: MCH

Year of Registration *: 2003

Year of Commencement of Operations *: 2003

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  • Vision *: To provide comfortable home as well as an opportunity for abandoned and orphaned children to start new life.
  • Mission *: To nuture children who through no fault of theirs become abandoned or orphans by the neglect of their parents and family members until such time as they can fend for themselves or be adopted by foster parents
  • Thematic Areas *:
  • Target Group:
  • Key Objectives *: To stop child labour and child trackficking. To supplement governments effort in preventing streetism and contribute to holistic care of the abandoned and orphans in the society. To help introduce efficient and quality education To the less privileged children in the society.
  • Core Competencies *:
  • Government Engagement:

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  • Major or Current Achievements *:
  • Functional Board *:
  • Number of Board Members *: 0
  • List Expertise of Board Members *:
  • Organisational Strategic Plan *:
  • Head of Organisation *: Mawusi Dotse
  • Name of Contact Person *: Vincentia Atsu
  • Position of Contact Person *: Secretary
  • Number of Staff *: 8
  • Number of Males *: 0
  • Number of Females *: 8