Sierra Leone School Green Club

Organisation's type: Community-Based Organisation (CBO) / Organisation Communautaire

Organization Acronym *: SLSGC

Year of Registration *: 1915

Year of Commencement of Operations *: 1915

Contact Information

  • Postal Address *: Community Education Center Waterloo (GTZ Campus), Freetown
  • Office Location: Community Education Center Waterloo (GTZ Campus), Freetown
  • Region *: Western Area Rural District
  • Country *: Sierra Leone
  • City *: Freetown
  • Telephone *: 0023288330605
  • Fax :
  • Email *:
  • Website *:


  • Vision *: to see a greener sustainable environment for all the inhabitants of planet earth (including plants/animal)
  • Mission *: • We seek to educate the public all in an effort to create awareness on environmental issues. • We seek to lobby the political will for a stable climate that will benefit all mankind; • We seek in engaging in activities that are environmental friendly and sustainable in a bit to reversing climate change.
  • Thematic Areas *: Agriculture, Food & Livestock / Agriculture, Alimentation & Elevage,Education / Education,Human Rights / Droits de l’Homme,Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) / Objectifs de Développement Durable (ODD),Environmental Conservation / Préservation de l’Environnement,Youth Empowerment / Emancipation des Jeunes,Disaster Prevention / Prévention des Catastrophes,Food Distribution / Distribution Alimentaire,Water And Sanitation / Eau et Hygiène,Community Development / Développement Communautaire,Climate Change,Advocacy
  • Target Group: Community / Communauté
  • Key Objectives *: a. To achieve greater co-operation of communities and people across the world in climate and environmental issues affecting us. b. To lobby the political will in reversing climate change.c. To accelerate and promote environmental friendly activities in cubing climate change.d. To promote and defend our common position on issues of interest relating to the environment and climate change and people. e. To champion the use of clean energy source in our communities. f. To encourage international co-operation on climate change.g. To establish the necessary conditions which enables Sierra Leone School Green Club to play its rightful role instruments. h. To promote co-operation in all fields of human activity to raise the living standard of people in regards to sustainable green promotions and awareness. i. To work with relevant international Non-Governmental Organizations for the gradual attainment of the objectives of the Sierra Leone School Green Club.j. To advance the development by promoting research in climate change and environment, in particular science and technology.k. To work with relevant international parties in the fight against climate change and global warming, the promotion of good health and of non-violent modalities in influencing policies on the environment and climate change.
  • Core Competencies *: Advocacy / Plaidoyer,Capacity Development / Renforcement des Capacités,Awareness Creation & Sensitization / Prise de Conscience et Sensibilisation,Youth Capacity Development,Plastic waste recycling
  • Government Engagement:

More Information

  • Major or Current Achievements *: We have been able to galvanize local participation in raising awareness on climate change. We have partnered with the Government Environmental Protection Agency and line ministries in working collaboratively in tackling climate change. We have been able to organize and formed focus groups locally on addressing climate change. Undertaken a number of projects on climate change. We have been able to have focal groups in five secondary schools. Have gained local support and initiatives in implementing future projects/programs.
  • Functional Board *:
  • Number of Board Members *: 5
  • List Expertise of Board Members *: Lecturer, Theologian, Engineer, Environmentalist, Agriculturist
  • Organisational Strategic Plan *:
  • Head of Organisation *: Alhassan Sesay
  • Name of Contact Person *: Alhassan Sesay
  • Position of Contact Person *: Founder/President
  • Number of Staff *: 7
  • Number of Males *: 4
  • Number of Females *: 3