Youth Aid Development Foundation

Organisation's type: Civil Society Organisation (CSO) / Organisation de la Société Civile (OSC)

Organization Acronym *: YADF

Year of Registration *: 2018

Year of Commencement of Operations *: 2014

Contact Information

  • Postal Address *: 5 Forestry Road, Forestry Hill, Jericho Ibadan
  • Office Location: 5 Forestry Road, Forestry Hill, Jericho Ibadan
  • Region *: Oyo
  • Country *: Nigeria
  • City *: Ibadan
  • Telephone *: +2348069840333
  • Fax :
  • Email *:
  • Website *:


  • Vision *: To promote the rights and social Inclusion of at-risk teens and youths with disabilities through economic empowerment and productive skill education.
  • Mission *: 1. To promote community sensitization and advocacy for the rights and social inclusion of at-risk teens and youths with disabilities through capacity building, social media and active stakeholders’ engagement. 2. To enlighten persons with disabilities on their rights, equipping them with ICT/life skills towards repositioning them for better participation/integration in the society.
  • Thematic Areas *: Education / Education,Human Rights / Droits de l’Homme,Humanitarian Affairs / Affaires Humanitaires,Economic Development / Développement Economique
  • Target Group:
  • Key Objectives *: 1.To provide economic empowerment for persons with disabilities and showcase their skills and talent through hackathons, talents shows an organized exhibitions. 2.To foster a community of successful PWDs whose disabilities inspire Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) globally to greatness. 3. Offer counseling and mentoring services to vulnerable youths 4. Provide Scholarship support and assistive aids to at-risk teens and PWDs respectively
  • Core Competencies *: Advocacy / Plaidoyer,Capacity Development / Renforcement des Capacités
  • Government Engagement:

More Information

  • Major or Current Achievements *: In the span of 2 years, working with community leaders, YADF has improved the political participation, academic, psycho-social and leadership competence of over 1000 at-risk youths and PWDs in 8 under-served communities in Nigeria. 70% of our beneficiaries record academic and all-round success. Idowu- one of our physical lunch alleged mentees will become a lawyer next year and play a legislative role in politixs and governance. 60% are now in the best tertiary institutes with them playing significant roles as student leaders and change-makers. Others have gotten job placements and international fellowships. Some have also joined our team to as volunteers. BEST Project is currently being considered by the regional government as part of its youth policy: Link to short report of our project:
  • Functional Board *:
  • Number of Board Members *: 3
  • List Expertise of Board Members *: 1.Chairman, Board of Directors 2. Executive Director/Founder 3. General Secretary
  • Organisational Strategic Plan *:
  • Head of Organisation *: Fidelis Bonaventure Uzoma
  • Name of Contact Person *: Fidelis Bonaventure Uzoma
  • Position of Contact Person *: Executive Director
  • Number of Staff *: 4
  • Number of Males *: 2
  • Number of Females *: 2