Organisation's type: Community-Based Organisation (CBO) / Organisation Communautaire

Organization Acronym *: CAP-SL

Year of Registration *: 2019

Year of Commencement of Operations *: 2015

Contact Information

  • Postal Address *: #2 Hall Street, Brookfields, Freetown
  • Office Location: #40 Hanga Road Jui, Western Area Rural District, Freetown
  • Region *: Western Area Urban District
  • Country *: Sierra Leone
  • City *: Freetown
  • Telephone *: +23278944994
  • Fax :
  • Email *:
  • Website *:


  • Vision *: To improve the reading culture among primary school children in the Western Area Rural District and to making teenage mothers self-reliance and economically independent.
  • Mission *: Working to promote access to education and a supportive learning environment for vulnerable children through partnerships with community schools and the establishment of libraries in the Western Area Rural District. CAP-SL also working to promote gender equality through skills training for teenage mothers in remote or hard-to-reach communities to improve the lives of our clients, through mentorship, and entrepreneurship program.
  • Thematic Areas *: Education / Education
  • Target Group:
  • Key Objectives *: •Improving access to education for children and skills training for teenage mothers. •Creating enabling access to livelihood supports for these target populations •Promoting the rights and dignity of children and women. •Advocating for better social services for children and teenage mothers in the Western Area Rural District. •Creating a pathway for employment for teenage mothers
  • Core Competencies *: Advocacy / Plaidoyer,Capacity Development / Renforcement des Capacités
  • Government Engagement:

More Information

  • Major or Current Achievements *: United States Embassy Freetown - Sexual Gender-Based Violence education in the Western Area Rural District, 2019 Establishment of a Community Children's Library and Resource Center, Jui, Western Area Rural District, Freetown, April 2019. Peagie Woobay Scholarship Fund - A thousand plus (1000+) to support CAP-SL’s children’s community library, 2019 African Library Project - Awarded 1032 books to develop a children’s community library at Jui, Western Area Rural District, 2017
  • Functional Board *:
  • Number of Board Members *: 5
  • List Expertise of Board Members *:
  • Organisational Strategic Plan *:
  • Head of Organisation *: Baimba Osman Sheriff
  • Name of Contact Person *: Baimba Osman Sheriff
  • Position of Contact Person *: Executive Director
  • Number of Staff *: 11
  • Number of Males *: 5
  • Number of Females *: 6