Free Online Training for CSOs in West Africa

The West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI), is pleased to announce its 2020 free online training on "Communication Skills and Strategies" for CSOs across West Africa including Mauritania, Chad, and Cameroon. The online training is mainly dedicated to legitimate organisations that are registered on the West Africa CSOs Electronic Platform. A platform that has been developed by the Institute to provide soft and technical skills to support CSOs work in the region.

This free online training aims at offering innovative, robust and poignant skills that will enable CSOs to effectively lead all communications processes in their organisations.  It also seeks to provide hands-on and technical support to registered CSOs on the platform to effectively communicate their work whiles promoting their visibility.

Conditions for Participation: The free online training is open to all legitimate CSOs operating in West Africa as well as Mauritania, Chad and Cameroon, and are registered on the platform. Interested CSOs are hereby encouraged to register on https://www.csowestafrica.org/  in other to be considered for the training. 

Kindly access the application details here

NB: Please take note of your country's date and apply accordingly. 

For any further clarification on this information, kindly contact us on regionaldirectory@wacsi.org

Tel: +233 (0) 501 440 545 (and WhatsApp)