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  • African Centre For Education Development

    To become the leading the leading institution championing Education and Development in Africa

    Organization type:
  • Children and Young People Living for Peace

    To create veritable platforms for peace of mind to indivoduals, harmony in comunities for peaceful ...

    Organization type:
  • CrossWorld care foundation

    Crossworld Care Foundation seeks to improve the well-being of youths and women regardless of race,gender,ethnicity,religion,disability or nationality. ...

    Organization type: Civil Society Organisation (CSO) / Organisation de la Société Civile (OSC)
  • Developing Talents in Our Society Initiative

    That young people benefits from the full potentials of quality education for their economic and social ...

    Organization type:
  • Love - N - Compassion Nigeria

    Building a healthy and a responsible Youth future

    Organization type: Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) / Organisation Non-Gouvernementale (ONG)
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